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The DCF/CPS illegally kidnapped our beloved child    

The Westbrook Middle School Principal, Mr. Phillip House harassed and badgered our child, I called the DCF hotline about him Jan. 2006. then he made false reports to the DCF and he made false testimony to the CPS court at an illegal Trial in Feb. 2008, because he lied to the court, they illegally kidnapped our child, when he commited no offenses and nothing wrong to anyone, the DCF lied and said I educationally neglected my child when I was trying to make sure he was getting a good education. I formally filed papers to homeschool him in Sept. 2007. The DCF in CT have damaged our child emotionally,educationally, physically and mentally, THEY WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT, THEY HAVE TO BE TRIED FOR THE HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE THEY HAVE CAUSED US.

The State has scrupulously entered our life, intruded and has done much damage to our child.

He had a wonderful life before he was taken illegally kidnapped by the DCF in CT.

Share the story of your family. Where you came from, where you started your family(optional),                      What DCF/CPS/Family courts(what state was this in?) did to enter your life?

 Invitation and  RULES TO JOIN AS A MEMBER IN THIS CHRISTLIKE MISSION TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN ::::: If you have been attacked by these monsters that call themselves   DCF/CPS or family court.   you can put your town/city or county(optional) be sure to put what state you are in, Thanks. :)

I invite all parents and family members to become a member of 'US Concerned Parents' support group.             There are the guidelines set one has to follow to be a member:                                                               

RULE # 1. No Solicitation of "US Concernd Parents' support group name without written consent/permission from  the Main Adminstrator, Ms. Cheryl Martone.

RULE # 2 No one is to use the Name "US Concerned Parents" support group or otherwise, without the written consent/permission from the Main Adminstrator, Ms. Cheryl Martone aka CJ Marton.

RULE #3 There won't be any use of profanity/vulgar language on this website and/or in association with ........'US Concerned Parents' support group.

RULE #4 There will not be any use of any names and/or stories from this website of anyone's membership without written permission from the Main Administrator, Cheryl Martone, or you can be subject to privacy violations and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.



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